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What is Cross Hedge?

Launched in 2017, Cross Hedge is a team of highly experienced financial industry professionals with a unified passion for uncompromising technology. Our core investment philosophy is to maximize diversification empowered by technology and Artificial intelligence in order to provide absolute returns through Smartpieces™.

We believe that inefficiencies on investment strategies arise from insufficient diversification. To overcome this restriction, we design intelligent investment systems that evolve in parallel with the financial markets fluctuations and hit trends. We gather and clean vast, rich datasets that will help us better understand how markets behave. This approach is rooted in science, using statistical and mathematical modelling, AI, machine learning, data visualization and pattern recognition technique.

Cross Hedge plans to offer and distribute investment smart contracts called Smartpieces™ with a price directly resulting from the investment vehicles returns. Every person wishing to invest could freely and with no capital floor access a diversified portfolio respecting transparency through the use of Blockchain for both valuation and distribution.  

The Smartpieces™ provide the freedom of one crypto-asset with the stability on returns from an innovative AI hedge fund.

Key Benefits


Rooted in Stellar blockchain. A reliable open source decentralized blockchain for faster, cheaper and more reliable transactions.


Smart contracts allow instantaneous and more secure transactions. Forget about minimum time commitment, you can withdraw Smartpieces™ freely.


A fund that provides investment solutions to cryptocurrency holders thanks to the latest AI investment technologies in line with our vision.


We will be one of the first regulated crypto-investment funds in Europe, creating a bridge between classic financial assets and crypto-assets.


A solution with zero discrimination and a very low capital floor for all cryptocurrencies holders to invest in.


No managing fee. Cross Hedge only earns money when the community get the positive returns they are promised.


A participative model where our community builders are rewarded bi-yearly each time the community profits increase.

Easy to use

A simple and effective multi-channels digital platform app to manage and invest your assets.


John Saby

CEO, Founder

Mr X

COO, Co-founder

Geoffroy Bolle

New Business Development Director

Xavier Vincent-Sully


Jessica Schmit


Cynthia Kambou

Head Of Social Networks

Jia Liu

Community Manager - Chinese Market

Marie Le Nestour

Project Manager

Benjamin Le Nestour

Stellar Expert

Arvi Lefèvre

Stellar Expert

Sonja Prstec

Legal Expert


Marc Torrens - Cross Hedge Advisor
Marc Torrens, PhD

AI Expert

Marc Torrens Linkedin profile
Binod Nirvan - Cross Hedge Advisor
Binod Nirvan

ICO Advisor

Binod Nirvan Linkedin profile
Binod Nirvan - Cross Hedge Advisor
Konstantin Dimitrov

Founder at DICE Money

Binod Nirvan Linkedin profile
Binod Nirvan - Cross Hedge Advisor
Warren Whitlock

Digital Media Expert

Binod Nirvan Linkedin profile
Binod Nirvan - Cross Hedge Advisor
Roger Crook

ICO Advisor

Binod Nirvan Linkedin profile
Binod Nirvan - Cross Hedge Advisor
Stefan Bergström

ICO Advisor

Binod Nirvan Linkedin profile

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