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  • What is Cross Hedge ? add

    Launched in 2017, Cross Hedge is a team of highly experienced financial industry professionals with an uncompromising passion for technology.

    Basically, Cross Hedge is an innovative AI & quantitative Hedge Fund.

    Cross Hedge is bringing together the latest trading capabilities with innovating technologies such as machine learning to offer tomorrow’s coming asset management offer.

    Thanks to the ledger technology, we developed an investment fund architecture that is more secure, more transparent, even faster and cost efficient.

    Throughout Smart Contracts called SmartPieces, Cross Hedge will offer and distribute different fully automated investment schemes breaking away from the traditional model.

    Cross Hedge's goal is to build an investment community where only profits are subject to fees and where there is no discrimination between investors. Anyone can freely access our community with a low capital input.

  • Why we chose “Cross Hedge” as the name of our company ? add

    The main ideology of Cross Hedge is to provide financial expertise to a wide range of individuals.

    As you may know, the financial term “Cross Hedge” is an hedging strategy used to manage risk by investing in numerous different assets that have similar price movements.

    But Cross Hedge has a more ideological dimension. The term “CROSS” is the core value of our company as we are at the crossroads of Latest Technologies and Investments Technics.

    “CROSS” also represents the power of a community. We truly think that together we can achieve more by crossing our knowledge and our diversity.
    We want to build an investment community, that is fair for all, where there is no discrimination between investors and anyone can have free access to it.

    On the other hand “HEDGE” means protection. This demonstrates that our focus and our only purpose are to manage the financial risk of our investors while making them feel safe in the process.

  • Where is Cross Hedge base out of ? add

    Cross Hedge is headquartered and registered in Paris, France

  • How many employees does Cross Hedge have ? add

    We are a team of around 12 employees and will be hiring for specific job profiles.

  • Is Cross Hedge hiring? add

    As the project is now increasing we will post job opportunities very soon on our official website.

  • Who is part of Cross Hedge team ? add

    You can find all team members’ details clicking here.

  • How can I contact Cross Hedge ? add

    Please mail us at [email protected] .

  • What ledger technology is being used by Cross Hedge ? add

    During the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Cross Hedge will issue tokens called CROSS on the Stellar blockchain. We will also use Stellar after the ICO for Smartpieces™ distribution.

  • Why did we chose Stellar technology? add

    Cross Hedge chose to distribute the Smartpieces™ via the Stellar decentralized Network. The choice to integrate Stellar technology is a forward-looking choice. Stellar uses a protocol created specifically for transactional purpose that is more efficient. The main purpose is to fully focus on our core business and products offer. Stellar technology is being approved by companies for his high features.

    Also we share the same ideology as “ operates as a non-stock nonprofit organization with the mission to connect people to low-cost financial services to fight poverty and maximize individual potential”

  • How do you ensure safety of Cross tokens of the buyer ? add

    We use the Stellar blockchain to ensure high safety.

  • How do i know my tokens are secure? add

    In order to make sure your tokens remain safe, we encourage investors to use two-factor authentication (2FA).

  • What are the Pre ICO timelines ? add

    Pre ICO will begin on September 10th 2018, 11:00 AM GMT and will continue till October 9th 2018 11:00 AM GMT.

  • What are the ICO timelines ? add

    ICO will begin on October 10th 2018 11:00 AM GMT and will continue till November 10th 2018 11:00 AM GMT.

  • What are the Cross token ? add

    Cross tokens are the asset of Cross Hedge. One Cross is a unit of digital currency, like a bitcoin. CROSS is the shorthand as USD for dollars, EUR for euros.

  • What is the price of 1 Cross token ? add

    During the ICO Presale, 1 CROSS = USD 0,15
    During the ICO, 1 CROSS = USD 0,25

  • What is the Soft Cap ? add

    5 000 000 USD.

  • What is the Hard Cap ? add

    85 500 000 USD.

  • What currencies can be used to buy Cross tokens ? add

    XLM, ETH, BTC and Fiat Currencies.

  • How can I purchase Cross token ? add

    Please Register on our website then visit Cross token section
    First you will have to get approved through our Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. This usually takes a few hours maximum. Once approved, you may create your Stellar account to be able to support the development of our project using different payment channels.

  • What is the minimum purchase ? add

    100 Cross token is the minimum purchase.

  • What is the maximum purchase ? add

    There’s no limit of purchasing.

  • Do I have to own a Stellar account to participate ? add

    Yes you do. You will be able to create it when purchasing Cross tokens on our “Cross token” page. There’s a very slight fee of 1 Lumen to create the account.

  • How can I participate in the Bounty Campaign ? add

    Since we are true believers in a decentralized economy, everybody can become a stakeholder! We aim to create a community of forward thinking individuals, a community of Cross Hedgers who will thrive financially through our portfolio growth and benefit from the global success of our fund.
    To make this vision come true we have put together a very rewarding bounty program, that will give the opportunity to anyone wishing to support us the possibility to earn Cross tokens before and during the ICO. You will find our detailed bounty program here very soon.

  • When will I receive my tokens ? add

    All the tokens bought during the ICO will be allocated by November 10th 2018. For referral bonus and bounty program Cross tokens will be allocated by November 20th 2018.

  • Will Cross token be available on the exchanges after the ICO ? add

    Yes, it will be available on various exchanges. Also Stellar features a decentralized exchange where any Stellar Cross token can be instantly traded without relying on a third party exchange.

  • What will Cross token be used for after ICO ? add

    Cross returns reward 10% of monthly total community Smartpieces™ profit will be sent to the CROSS owners.

    Cross Charity program CROSS owners can have the possibility to send their returns reward to charity organizations partners.

    Referendum Cross token long term investors can choose and vote for various community charities projects.

  • What if I miss the ICO? add

    There will be no token creation after the ICO period. Tokens will be transferable once the ICO is successfully completed.

  • What will offer Cross hedge ? add

    Cross Hedge plans to offer and distribute diversified investment vehicles called “Smartpieces” through Stellar Smart Contracts (SSC) allowing crypto-asset owners to protect their capital from high market volatility.

    Cross Hedge allows investors to gain exposure through a diversified portfolio with the freedom of one crypto-asset, in a more convenient and secure way.

    Through a transparent and rigorous investment process, Cross Hedge will be able to offer Smartpieces™, in USD, EUR and Bitcoin.

  • What is a Smartpiece™? add

    A Smartpiece™ is a share unit of fund coded in a smart contract.
Smart contracts are computer protocols that facilitate, verify and execute the negotiation or execution of a contract, or make a contractual clause useless (because related to the smart contract).

    Cross Hedge will offer and distribute different fully automated investment schemes breaking out from the traditional model.

    A Smartpiece™ is a Smart Contract whose value is linked to the return of an investment vehicle.

  • Is there any fee to use Cross Hedge’s services ? add

    Cross Hedge investors will not have to pay any of the classic investment management fees. In the new blockchain-empowered fund generation, the investor rewards the fund manager only if he generates profits.

    Thus, a performance fee will be paid to Cross Hedge for generating positive returns (30% of generated profits). The basic rationale for performance fees is that they align the interests of Cross Hedge and the Smartpiece™ investors community, and are an incentive to generate positive returns. The calculation will be performed real-time and be totally transparent.

  • What return can I expect as a client ? add

    More than stability, Cross Hedge ambitions to offer stable returns for cryptocurrency holders. With Cross Hedge you can enjoy from an intelligent investment systems based on A.I that evolve as financial markets change through time. Investors will enjoy 70% of the profits generated while holding their Smartpieces™.

  • How can I stay updated on the Cross Hedge news ? add

    You can subscribe to our newsletter and you can also react to our posts on our Medium


  • What is a blockchain? add

    A blockchain is a distributed ledger that contains the history of every transaction recorded within a specific network. For public blockchains, like Bitcoin, anyone can download a copy of the blockchain, and it can be inspected to trace the path of bitcoins from one bitcoin transaction to another.

  • What is a wallet? add

    Similar to a traditional wallet that you carry in your pocket, a blockchain asset collateral wallet is used to store money or digital assets. The difference is that instead of storing a collection of bills and cards, a blockchain asset wallet stores a collection of private keys.

  • What is Bitcoin? add

    Bitcoin is the first blockchain asset, a new kind of money that can be sent from one person to another without the need for a trusted third party such as a bank or other financial institution; it is the first global, decentralized currency.

  • What is Stellar ? add

    Stellar is a platform that connects banks, payments systems, and people. Integrate to move money quickly, reliably, and at almost no cost.
    “Stellar Move Money Across Borders Quickly, Reliably, And For Fractions Of A Penny.”
    Stellar’s ideology is to connect people to low-cost financial services to fight poverty and develop individual potential.
    Stellar network’s native asset are Lumens (XLM). One lumen is a unit of digital currency, like a bitcoin